This is my first book smackdown, in what I hope will be many more. Basically, I take similarly themes YA novels and compare them. At the end, I’ll tell you my favorite and why.


The Future vs. The Future Past

Science Fiction Vs. Steampunk

Female Protagonist Vs. Male & Female Protagonists

Society as Villain Vs. Politics as Villain

High Personal Stakes Vs. a Higher Social Stake

Light Sci Fi tech Vs. Super Sci Fi Biology tech.

With very similar ideas of the future, both novels explore human’s tampering with biology and DNA. “LEVIATHAN” is set in 1913 where Europe is on the brink of the Great War and divided by Germany’s severe religious views regarding anti-genetic engineering Vs. Darwin’s England with spliced animals flying bigger (Inspired by the demon above) and greater the any Zeppelin. England rules the skies with hybrid animals. Stuck in the middle is a runaway prince whose parents have just been assassinated in order to start war. “THE HUNGER GAMES” starts simple, an older sister volunteers to take the place of her younger one in a teenage death match. Katniss (A flower as pictured above) is paired with a boy who once helped her when she needed it most. The Capitol separates society in a severe class structure in order to prevent uprisings.


“THE HUNGER GAMES” is grounded in emotions. We care for the characters and we want them to survive. The writer never forgets that we must like and understand our heros in order to enjoy the journey. READ IT!

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