Let Me Counts the Ways…A Rant

I love the real Avatar! The Nickelodeon TV series “AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER”…so let me count the ways in which the adapted movie by M. Night Shyamalan sucked.

1. Lacked darkness…both visually and thematically.

2. Absurdly rushed storytelling.

3. Horrible, excessive narration – that is totally unnecessary because we have all seen the series and loved it… Harry Potter has no narration and it’s as dense as a republican at a polling booth.

4. Music cues are completely off.

5. Decide who we are following – character-wise!

6. The most significant character moment, when Aang, Katara and Sokka become friends, is almost completely cut out, and the filmmaker misses out on creating actual relationships between its main characters!

7. Destroyed! One of the best characters on TV! Gone is jolly, esoteric wise man, Uncle. In the series he was fat, silly, fun, pretending to be out of it but was a true guide to his nephew in his hour of need.

8. Though I think the series was meant to be racially ambiguous most of the time, the casting was off complete. Have a plan man!

9. Just plain shit….

10. Broke my golden rule, and changed shit…. bloody idiots.

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